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Lash extensions Portland

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions Portland, OR

Enhance your natural beauty with our exquisite lash extensions. Our skilled esthetician Havana meticulously crafts a personalized, glamorous look, leaving you with captivating eyes that speak volumes. Elevate your allure effortlessly and embrace the beauty of luscious lashes by Havana.

Discover timeless elegance with our Classic Lash Set. Each lash meticulously applied to enhance your natural beauty, creating a subtle yet stunning look. Embrace simplicity and sophistication with eyes that captivate. 

Classic Set - $180/3 HRS

FILL: $120/2 HRS

Experience the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Lash Set. Blending classic and volume lashes, this customized application delivers a harmonious, textured look. Achieve a perfect balance of natural elegance and captivating fullness. 

Hybrid Set - $180/3 HRS

FILL: $120/2 HRS

Maximize your allure with our Volume Lash Set. Individually crafted fans of lashes add depth and drama, creating a lush, full look. Elevate your eyes to new dimensions with this bespoke application for a captivating and voluminous gaze. 

Volume Set - $200/3 HRS

FILL: $120/2 HRS

Introducing the Wet Lash Set – a modern and glossy take on lash extensions. Each lash delicately applied to achieve a sleek, shiny finish, enhancing your eyes with a contemporary allure. Elevate your look with this uniquely captivating and glossy lash application.

Wet Set - $200/3 HRS

FILL: $120/2 HRS

Embrace the allure of our Wispy Lash Set. Delicately feathered lashes create a soft, fluttery effect, adding a touch of romance and mystery to your gaze. Elevate your look with these beautifully wispy lashes for a captivating and whimsical appeal.

Wispy Set - $250/3 HRS

FILL: $140/2 HRS

Unleash the drama with our Mega Volume Lash Set. Expertly crafted for a bold, glamorous look, each fan of lashes adds maximum volume and intensity. Elevate your eyes with this statement-making lash application for a show-stopping, voluminous allure.

Mega Volume Set - $250/3 HRS

FILL: $140/2 HRS

Revitalize your lashes with a seamless transformation. Our foreign Lash Fill service ensures a flawless blend. Experience a renewed, customized look that beautifully complements your unique style, bringing new life to your gaze.

Foreign Fill - $140/2 HRS

Gentle and precise, our Lash Removal service offers a clean slate for your eyes. Safely removing extensions, we ensure a comfortable experience, leaving your natural lashes healthy and ready for a fresh start. Embrace a clean, refreshed look with our expert lash removal. (unless client is removing current lash techs work to apply new set).

Lash Removal - $40

Lash Services

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